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Amplifinity. Rewarding Connections.

Amplifinity is designed to help business and individuals create rewarding connections.  With Amplifinity, word-of-mouth travels faster and spreads wider, creating valuable introductions and successful connections that benefit all the parties involved.

The Amplifinity service streamlines the process -- making it easy for Marketers to promote and manage referral offers, Connectors to share the story, and Prospects to respond. 

Amplifinity was founded in August of 2007 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company’s management team has extensive experience in sales, internet marketing, ecommerce and web development. In addition, the team has a track record of creating socially conscious, successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Meet the Team

Dick Beedon — Chairman & Founder
Dick is a seasoned business leader and serial entrepreneur, who successfully built two internet-based companies: University Netcasting, at one time the fourth largest sports site on the web, which he merged with Student Advantage and took public in 1999, and Entyre, a business process management applications provider serving the mortgage industry that he grew substantially and sold to Wolters Kleuer in 2005. Through his previous experience at IBM and Prime Computer, Dick has demonstrated expertise in developing both solution-oriented sales processes and successful lead generation programs.

Paul Vlasic — President & CEO
Paul is a veteren entrepreneur who has started several companies in the technology space. Most recently, Paul was the Chairman of O/E Systems, a $190M IT Consulting Solutions firm. Paul also actively invests in new startups as a Manager at Vlasic Investments (VILLCo). Paul eaned an MBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan.

Mike Burba — COO
Mike is an experienced leader with a well-rounded background in enterprise software. Mike started his career as a software developer, and quickly moved into a leadership role. After learning how to build software, Mike decided transition into marketing and selling it. He took positions in product management and marketing with Sun Microsystems and Compuware. Mike evenutally took over as the director of marketing for Compuware's enterprise software development and testing product line. Then, Mike got bit by the startup bug, and joined Amplifinity to help build an first-class product with a world-class team. Mike graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army.

Press Releases

  • 04/19/10 - Amplifinity has recently signed a number of new clients and will be updating press releases shortly.

Investor Relations

Please direct investor-related questions to:
Mike Burba

Contact Information

924 N. Main St.
Suite 3
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Phone: (734) 585-5684
Fax: (734) 864-7329

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